Kprime forms syndicated partnerships for the purchase, development, and sale of single family, multifamily and commercial projects. Within each syndicated partnership we oversee the selling of shares for partner ownership. This comprises also of supervising our in house and outside Real Estate Salespeople and Realtors for representing new and current investors for us. The parameters are set for each syndicated partnership, with strict guideline through our "Offering Memorandums" and "Operating Agreements".

Real Estate Purchase and Sales

Purchases – Kprime reviews the whole marketplace for current or potential properties available and selects the properties with the best potential. After selecting the best contenders then market surveys are conducted on properties sold and the market rents of similar properties in the area. Then an analysis is done on what capital improvements are needed on the interior and exterior of the complex, and what the associated costs would be. It is necessary to determine the total cost to purchase and renovate a complex, so that it will yield the highest return upon sale.

Selling – Prior to Kprime listing a property on the market our management team moves the rents up to the highest potential gross rents possible, with keeping property stabilization in mind. It is also very important to freshen up the exterior and interior for good curb and inside appeal. Then the property is ready for listing by our professional sales agents to reach the marketplace of potential buyers. This approach has yield the highest prices for our owners/investors, with a good return on their investment.