Jason J. Kellar

President of Kprime Realty & Management, Corp.

Jason is a licensed California Real Estate Broker, and is instrumental in the identification, acquisition, management and ultimate disposition of real estate properties on behalf of clients. An active agent involved in the management and oversight of properties entrusted to Kprime Realty and Management, Corp., working to release the owners of the headaches associated with property management.

Additionally, with over 10 years of Web/Network Administration & Management experience, Jason offers Kprime and it’s affiliates a strong technical background, which is crucial in all marketing efforts, improves lines of communication, and helps promote an efficient overall business model. Thinking “Green” is a choice, and through Jason’s efforts to deploy web automation and internal electronic-reporting everyone benefits by reduced paper waste and improved communication.

Jason is a licensed California Real Estate Broker (License: 01748067), a REALTOR and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Finance.

Edward D. Kellar

Vice President of Kprime Realty and Management, Corp.

Ed has been investing in real estate investment properties for the past 40+ years, specializing in the formation, development and management of many residential real estate syndications. He has syndicated 13 residential projects, which has ranged in size from 24 units to 240 units per project. For these syndicated properties and properties of his own account he has raised over $15M in initial capital, with an overall equity capital range of $100M.

His property management firm has managed over 1,000 units of investment properties. Additionally over the past 20+ years, within his corporations, he has developed many church and commercial projects through out the State of California.

Ed is a licensed California Real Estate Broker (Licensed: 00351085), a REALTOR and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Economics.