The Mission of Kprime is to partner with property owners, and to provide leadership which results in successful business ventures. We strive to create short & long-term sustainable value for our clients, increasing profitability by capturing value added opportunities where possible. We are driven to free our clients of the burdens often associated with the active management of real estate.

The Kprime founders are deeply committed to the God of the Bible, which centers our business practice on integrity, love of our neighbors, selflessness, patience, and responsibility.

Individually and collectively, the interests, goals and objectives of our stakeholders are critical to the success of Kprime. Our stakeholders include: the founders of Kprime, our outstanding employees, the business partners/investors, the owners of properties we manage, the tenants who live and work in the properties, the local city agencies, regulators, community business owners and the lenders we partner with.